We have many things happening at Mount Hope. Whether it is a weekly meeting or a special service event, we will list it here under the events menu tab.

Highlighted Events - Here we showcase special events that are coming up. You can reach the Highted Events page here

Past Events Here you can see some pictures of our past events. See how much fun we have, and join us for future activities!.

You can reach the Past Events page here.

Mount Hope Happenings - Here we have a copy of the Sunday bulliten insert. This insert lists events happening at Mount Hope the next week and any special events or prayer concerns for the congregation. You can reach the Mound Hope Happenings here

Church Calendar - Here we show the entire church calendar. Every event, every meeting, every time. If we know about it, it's listed. You can reach the Church Calendar page here.

 Newsletter - Here you can find the church newsletter. We put out a new one every so often, and it contains some musings from Pastor Brian,  a church calendar, and notices from various groups at Mount Hope who wish to highlight their mission.You can reach the Newsletter page here.

Social Connections - Here we highlight any purely social activities that our members are attending. This could be a movie night, a book club, or some other gathering. You can reach the social connections page here.


Members of Mount Hope walking in the 2015 West Allis 4th of July Parade.  Holding signs honoring our current military members.